Tile & Grout Cleaning Portland

How old is the grout in your Bathroom, Kitchen, or Shower? What about the Floors?

What is stored deep down in the grout?

When was the tile and grout last cleaned?

Do you know… Often, most tile and grout can be restored to ‘Like New’ condition?

Do you know…Without professional help it can be difficult and almost impossible to get the tile and grout to look like new again.

The question is…Does your tile need a thorough surface cleaning or a Deep Cleaning to Scrub the Grout and make it look ‘Like New’ again?

Save Your Tooth Brush!

Dirty Kitchen Grout

Have you tried everything, including the mop, your toothbrush, or miracle cleaners and nothing seems to get the Tile & Grout clean?

Did you hire another company to try and get your tile and grout clean? Maybe ‘they’ got the tile clean, but what about the grout?

Had a maid services tried to clean the grout but it still didn’t look right?

Don’t give up yet! There is another option to getting clean tile and grout without hiring a contractor to jack hammer out the floor and start over.

Do You Know?

1) Bleach does not remove the grease and soil. Cleaning with bleach disinfects and whitens, while the grease and soil are spread around and worked into the grout..

2) Most contractors do not seal the tile because they don’t have time to come back once the grout is set.
3) Many floor cleaning products leave a residue that attracts soil.

Do your shower tiles have the dark mineral deposits on them? No matter how hard you scrub it still doesn’t budge. Well guess what? We can even remove the toughest mineral deposits that have accumulated in your bathrooms.

If you have Tile Showers, Tile Floors, or Tile Counter Tops in or surrounding your home you will be amazed at how soiled they really are once we spot test an area for you.

Why go through the expense and hassle of having the whole kitchen, bathrooms, and other areas torn apart for days while waiting for new tile to be installed?

We can usually clean and seal your tile in the same day!

My Tile Cleaning Process Is Fun!

It is exciting to see the amazing results achieved from the latest in hard surface cleaning technology.

We use high pressure water combined with specialized cleaning chemistry that shears away the soil and dirt without making a mess.

There is no over spray, so your cabinets, fixtures and carpeted areas remain protected, along with your surrounding environment.

After Cleaning…Make Sure to Seal It!

If you’ve ever had your tile replaced then you’ll really appreciate the benefits provided from sealing the the tile and grout.

Hard surfaces that are unsealed or sealed with poor quality sealers are a sponge for oil, food, or beverage spills, which can result in permanent staining. Proper sealing and maintenance can protect your flooring investment from permanent damage by creating an invisible barrier over the tile and grout.

WARNING – Natural Stone Counter Tops, Floors, and Showers

Natural stone is a beautiful addition to the home. Throughout Portland and Vancouver, WA I have spent time cleaning and protecting some wonderful natural stone counter tops, natural stone floors, and natural stone showers.

Be careful – Make sure that all of your natural stone areas are sealed and protected from any acidic cleaning agents or foods.

Do you know… Acids etch natural stone and sealed natural will still etch if acid is left on the counter tops, floors, and showers for more than a few seconds. Overtime, most sealers can wear off and acids can etch the stone more easily.

Installation & Maintenance Tips

If you are having your tile replaced make sure the contractor applies a professional grade sealer. Also, make sure a binder is added to the grout. Most grout does not have a binder added and is usually the reason the grout falls out over time.

For cleaning make sure to use a neutral based cleaner. Some of the pine oil cleaners leave a residue that attracts more soil. Bleach only disinfects and whitens, but does nothing with the dirt and grease, except rub them into the grout.

Don’t replace your tile, yet!

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