Sean’s Carpet Care FAQs

Regular carpet cleaning takes 6-24 hours to dry under normal circumstances.

Theory: Wet air looks for dry air. So if it’s raining outside and/or it’s cold out then it is best to keep the windows closed for faster drying. Warm air absorbs moisture. So if you open the windows on a cold day it will make the house cold and if it’s wet outside the water outside will come inside and take longer to dry. The best thing to do is turn up the heat. 70F+ is best. You can also put your own fans to help move more air.

When people call or email I can provide a decent guesstimate over the phone. Carpet is usually about 60% of the square foot of a house. You may have more/less carpet, so I always measure and provide upfront pricing before starting.

Pets, children and regular traffic should be kept off of the carpet for 6-8 hours. Home owners may use the carpet immediately following
cleaning, provided they wear the supplied plastic booties. Please
be careful when walking from wet carpet to hard
surfaces, they can be slippery! Plastic furniture tabs and blocks should not be removed for 24 hours after cleaning. Carpets can remain damp for up to 24 hours depending on the type of carpet, previous soiling, and weather conditions. Damp conditions are normal and should not cause problems.

We move light furniture, such as sofas, chairs, and tables.
We do not remove large dressers, china cabinets, electronic equipment, pianos, etc. Please remove all valuables, breakables, and knick-knacks on/in furniture we are moving or working around.

Stain protector provides excellent protection for your investment. Their purpose is to help prevent stains from becoming permanent. They work well against most stains and are highly recommended. 

Yes, I can fix pet urine 80%-90% of the time. Pet urine can usually be fixed in rugs and sofas.

Sometimes, I recommend not treating the pet urine because it may cost too much to fix much compared to the cost of the carpet.

Preparation: I run hoses from the van into the home and usually need to park in the driveway to be as close to the front door as possible. I need an exterior water source to hook up to my van. I have a seal that keeps most doors closed while cleaning but the front door could be open while cleaning. There are 2 hoses in the home during cleaning: The large one has strong vacuum that can be dangerous around small children (don’t touch please) and a small skinny hose that has hot water running through it that ranges in temps of 180-250 degrees, so please don’t touch or step on barefoot.
Furniture: Please vacuum first (or recently). Move all small items. I usually move sofas and chairs and other items that can be safely moved. After cleaning I put plastic blocks or plastic tabs (look like clear plastic posit it notes) under furniture until it dries.
Drying time: You can walk on the carpet right after cleaning. Note: Carpet usually dries is 6-24 hours (I do run a large air mover and make extra drying passes to speed drying). It is best to wait 24 hours or until the carpet is completely dry before putting wood or metal furniture on the carpet. Pet urine treated areas take longer.

Pricing for cleaning rugs is generally standard but still can vary from time to time. Some rugs can be cleaned onsite and others need to be cleaned offsite. Please call/text/email me and I can discuss pricing. You can also send pics and that is helpful.

I have an extensive cleaning process for upholstery cleaning.
My Upholstery Cleaning Process, includes:
– Remove all cushions
– Pre-spray and scrub every inch
– Clean every inch
– and groom (if needed)
The price to clean a sofa is determined by the number of cushions that come off, the length, and if pet urine treatment is needed.
Pictures of the item is helpful in determining the price to clean.
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My Cleaning includes a 200% Money Back Guarantee!* There is No Risk in choosing any of the cleaning packages below. Just choose the one that provides you with the Best Value.

To learn more and receive an over the phone price quote – Call 503-922-4875 or 360-901-8686