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Preparation: I run hoses from the van into the home and usually need to park in the driveway to be as close to the front door as possible. I need an exterior water source to hook up to my van. I have a seal that keeps most doors closed while cleaning but the front door could be open while cleaning.

There are 2 hoses in the home during cleaning: The large one has strong vacuum that can be dangerous around small children (don’t touch please) and a small skinny hose that has hot water running through it that ranges in temps of 180-250 degrees, so please don’t touch or step on barefoot.

Furniture: Please vacuum first (or recently). Move all small items. I usually move sofas and chairs and other items that can be safely moved. After cleaning I put plastic blocks or plastic tabs (look like clear plastic post-it it notes) under furniture until it dries.

Drying time: You can walk on the carpet right after cleaning. Note: Carpet usually dries is 6-24 hours (I do run a large air mover and make extra drying passes to speed drying). It is best to wait 24 hours or until the carpet is completely dry before putting wood or metal furniture on the carpet. Pet urine treated areas take longer.


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Sean’s Carpet Care, LLC

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