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One of my specialty services is helping resolve issues in Commercial Office Carpet Cleaning. Often, it seems difficult to find the Best in Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Portland OR and Vancouver WA areas.

Most carpet cleaners offer commercial carpet cleaning, but how many just do an Okay job? How many offer several cleaning options to meet your needs?

How Do You Choose A Commercial Carpet Cleaner?

The decision of which carpet cleaner to hire to clean an office or commercial carpet is usually based on price.

The truth…There are several cleaning options available to clean your office or commercial carpet. Some carpet cleaning options are cheaper than others and some will do very little to restore your office or commercial carpet.

Do you know…Determining the correct carpet cleaning option depends on the type of carpet installed in your building, the type and degree of soiling, and how often the carpets are cleaned.

Don’t Replace the Office Carpets Yet!

With the correct carpet cleaning option for your carpets you may be able to fix the Dirty Traffic Lanes. Often commercial carpet is made from Olefin and is attracted to oily soil. If this type of carpet is not properly cleaned then it will be difficult to remove the heavy traffic lanes. Carpet that has been well maintained or if it is new office carpet it may be a great candidate for encapsulant carpet cleaning.

I have several options to restore your worn out looking office to like new condition.

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