There is a solution for the annoying damaged carpet. No more buckles, red colored stains, burn holes, pulled rows in Berber, iron burns, fireplace burns, or bleach spots in the carpet.

We Can Fix:

portland checkma Burned Carpet
portland checkma Red, Yellow, Blue Stains
portland checkma Bleach Stains
portland checkma Torn Carpet Seams
portland checkma Buckled carpet


buckled carpet portland example buckled carpet portland example
Buckled Carpet Close-up Buckled Carpet Top View

buckled carpet stretching portland buckled carpet fixed portland
Stretching Carpet Buckled Carpet Fixed!

berber carpet damaged needing patch fixed portland berber carpet repair portland berber carpet fixed portland

Burned Berber carpet from an iron fixed! A better option than replacing the carpet.


Tips for Carpet Maintenance

The options for carpet repair provide excellent results in most cases.

One issue for carpet repair is replacing old carpet with new carpet. The repair looks great, except the replacement is brand new carpet and stands out around the older carpet.

We Recommend…Taking a piece of left over carpet, roughly 18 inches x 24 inches, and place it in a heavy traffic area. Over time this carpet will develop traffic patterns and become a perfect candidate for replacement, if needed. After about a year clean this piece of carpet and save it as perfect donor piece.

Our Tool

We have the latest technology for doing patch repairs, the KoolGlide seaming tool. This tool is not the traditional hot iron where you only have a little time to get the replacement carpet piece in place.

The KoolGlide allows for time to put the carpet repair piece exactly where it goes, adjust it, and then glue it. It is also a great option for fixing ripped and torn seams. It uses microwave technology that heats up the metal on the back of special tape and melts the glue. The KoolGlide is…You guessed it…Cool!

This is another piece of high tech equipment we have invested in to provide the highest level results.

Now there is hope for damaged carpet.

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