Area Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning Service Portland

We love rugs! We clean All types of Rugs and Help  fix Pet Urine Damaged Rugs.

Each rug is given individualized attention to determine the best cleaning process for your rug.

Properly cleaned area rugs (Not Cleaned in Home) can help to restore the life of wool rugs leaving them soft and bright, bringing BIG smiles to their happy owners!

With each area rug we get down and inspect the specific fiber, construction type, dye, and possible repair issues in determining the best process to clean your rug.

We have seen it all when it comes to Area Rug Cleaning Portland.

We have a process to clean your rug no matter if you have a special hand notted rug, ikea rug, machine made rug, flat weave rug, or a pet urine damaged rug.

Big rug shops use impersonal machines to clean rugs in a Bulk Cleaning Process. Bulk Cleaning is NOT OUR GOAL! Putting your rug through a car wash machine IS NOT the best process.

Most rugs get a Hands On Spa Cleaning process and others should only be surfaced cleaned (still a deep clean).

Our Cleaning process for Area Rug Cleaning follows time honored cleaning procedures combined with the latest chemistry and processes to remove harmful soil and rug odors.

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Does Your Pet love Your Rug?

Yes, Pet Urine Removal in Wool Rugs & Synthetic Rugs is Our Specialty

Cat Urine Removal and Dog Urine Removal from wool rugs is our specialty.

Did you know…Dogs like to pee on wool rugs.
A funny story… My mom called and said the dogs keep peeing on three of the five rugs she has.

She didn’t understand why the dogs would only pee on three rugs and not the other two.

I told her that the most likely the reason the dogs pee on the three rugs and not the other two is because there is wool in the rugs they are peeing on.

I began to explain how her dogs think…I explained to my mom that her dogs think a sheep has come into their home and marked the three rugs in question. Now,of course the dogs ha

Karastan Rug – Full of Cats Urine

ve not seen a sheep, but they think, “Well, no sheep is coming into my home and going to show me up.” So the dogs start marking the rugs that have the smell of a sheep on them. The rugs in question turned out to be the only rugs with wool in them!

Want to know…More about why pet urine odor removal is difficult to remove: read pet urine odor treatment

Options for Rug Cleaning

There are a couple options for cleaning rugs.

Usually, it is best to have rugs take offsite away from the home for cleaning, since many rugs require special cleaning processes and care.

Rugs that can be cleaned onsite should not dry over hardwood floors without the client protecting the floor. The rugs that can or are requested to be cleaned onsite need a place to dry off of hardwood floors. Rugs with a pad underneath them can usually be cleaned onsite.

Rugs with pee in them need to be cleaned offsite.

Prices to clean rugs varies. Photos can be helpful to determine a price for cleaning when quoting pricing over the phone or e-mail.

Color loss, color migration, shrinkage, and distortion are risks associated with rug cleaning that Sean’s Carpet Care, LLC is not responsible for. Stain removal is not guaranteed. Pet urine treatment is usually successful while the pet urine may loosen dyes and cause color loss. Sean’s Carpet Care LLC not responsible for damage caused from drying wet rugs over hardwood/laminate floors.

Rug cleaning takes between 10-14 days from time of pickup and return.

At time of pickup we will schedule a drop off date.

How to Take Care of Your Rug

Taking Proper Care of a Rug is Important. Often rugs are like a member of the family to their owners.

Tips to help you take the best care of your rug…

Vacuum Regularly

Persian carpets are woven from wool, silk and cotton, natural fibers that get worn down as dirt accumulates at the base of the fiber. As the dirt wears down the fibers it changes the look of the rug. It is surprising how much soil rugs can accumulate over time. To remove the dirt from a rug at home, in-between professional cleaning, set your vacuum “beater bar” on the vacuum on high to prevent damage to the fibers. After running the vacuum over the rug once, turn off the “beater bar,” and run the vacuum over it once more, removing surface dirt. This also protects the fibers from becoming wrapped around the vacuum bar and pulling or tearing.

Clean Spills

If anything spills on your wool rug, clean it immediately. Put a piece of paper towel under the rug and another over the spill. Gently press the liquid into the towel, starting at the outside edge of the liquid and moving toward the center. This prevents the liquid from crawling and becoming larger. Use water. Avoid chemicals that could damage the fibers. Strong chemicals can cause colors in rugs to run and/or damage the rug fibers.

Give the Fibers a Rest – and Look for Invaders

If your rug is in a high-traffic area, rotate it every few months to give the high traffic areas a rest. Rotating the rug and pulling it out from under dark areas such as, chairs, sofas, beds, etc is a good idea, Dark areas is where moths like to hide and cause damage. So every few months turn the rug and vacuum the rug. Getting rid of the dust helps.

Professional Care

Send your wool rugs to a professional for deep-cleaning. Don’t use a home steamer on it. A wool rug may attract insects, so check for moths. If you find such insects, send your carpet to a professional so they can be eradicated. Do not try to bleach a dingy fringe; it’ll turn the fringe’s color. Use a professional to clean and repair your carpet’s fringe. Keep your carpet looking fresh, and you’ll be able to use it for generations.

Keep Out of Sunlight

Persian rugs are made from organic, natural sheep’s wool, cotton, or silk. These natural fibres are more susceptible to colour fading by sunlight than other fibres. Whilst positioning a beautiful Persian rug in direct sunlight might carry aesthetic appeal, the more sunlight that a Persian rug is exposed to, the quicker it will fade. As well as colour fade, the UV rays within sunlight dry out the fibres making them brittle which will lead to tearing, augmented by any form of contact.

The ideal solution to this problem would be to place your Persian rug in a shaded area. If the rug must be kept somewhere that enjoys natural sunlight too, try to close curtains or blinds at times when the sun would fall on the rug or consider having the windows treated to eliminate UV rays.

Storing Rugs

Never store rugs wrapped in plastic. Wool naturally holds moisture and plastic sweats and creates problems. Most rug cleaners wrap rugs in house siding moisture barrier.

Make sure to vacuum the front and back of the rugs before storing the rugs.

Even if rugs are stored they still need to be pulled out every once and while be vacuumed.

My Cleaning includes a 200% Money Back Guarantee!* There is No Risk in choosing any of the cleaning packages below. Just choose the one that provides you with the Best Value.

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