Non-Soap No Residue Carpet Cleaning vs Hot Water Steam Cleaning?

Most carpet manufacturers recommend Hot Water extraction, AKA Steam Cleaning, to maintain healthy happy carpets.

The problem with Carpet Cleaning: In the past and currently many carpet cleaners rinse carpet with soap. When you rent a carpet cleaner from a grocery store what happens?? Besides over wetting the carpet, it leaves a soapy residue and the carpet gets dirty faster. Carpet cleaners who rinse carpet with soap or just plain water leave a soapy residue that attracts Dirt like a Magnet. Then People think, “Once you clean carpet you ruin it!”

No NOOO…If you rinse carpet properly it stays cleaner longer and feels better. Zero Residue carpet cleaning uses special water to clean your carpet, usually with no soap, and/or no neutralizing rinse.

The Problem is that water alone will not Neutralize Soap, remove greasy oil spots, Spot Treatments used by the homeowner, or emulsify the dirt (float it to the top).

Plus, often these methods still use a wand (carpet cleaning tool) combining very little water and cleaning speed at the pace of trying to win a race!

Typical Wand Carpet Cleaning Tool

Problem 2: If there is a spot that the water will not remove, like a grease spot, then a solvent type spot remover is needed. Guess what this Grease/Oil spot remover is resistant to water. Sometimes this can leave residue that attract more dirt! Again – If you the homeowner used any spot cleaners they are just waiting to attract more dirt cause they are still there and still sticky!! Plus, with a fast lower moisture cleaning the water acts like a highway bring up deep down spots!

How to Clean without Leaving a Soapy Residue

The Trick…and they teach this…Carpet Manufacturers Want this…is to combine Hot Water Steam with a NEUTRALIZING RINSE. A neutralizing rinse helps to remove deep down soil and neutralize previous soap & spots! (see how below).

Still following? Ok, so let’s look at an example. When you wash your hair you use soap (shampoo). Ever notice that if you use a conditioner your hair feels better. Your hair feels better because the conditioner neutralized the shampoo in your hair. Carpet is the same.

Soap (Detergent) is NOT EVIL! Detergents have special characteristics built into them by chemists that make water work better for cleaning. Detergents break down water so it doesn’t sphere into a ball but instead absorbs into the carpet. Then emulsifiers in the detergent loosen up dirt and float it to the top of the carpet. Some types of detergents have other ingredients to break down oily soil and other types of soils. This neutralizing rinse also helps remove previous Homeowner Spot Treatments.

Rotovac 360i to the Rescue!

I use a Rotovac 360i that sprays Hot Water Steam combined with a NEUTRALIZING RINSE. This machine uses more water to provide a deep rinsing action that leaves carpet feeling and performing better than carpet rinsed with just water or soap. Your washing machine and dish washer have many more rinsing cycles than wash cycles (if you notice). Things I think about LOL

The Rotovac 360i with the Quad head has 4 vacuum heads and 4 water jets that make 240 passes per minute over the carpet. The metal heads are safe for most all types of carpet. The jets and vacuum heads spin on top of the fibers opening each fiber and blasting in Hot..HOT water that is mixed with….A NEUTRALIZING RINSE!

Rotovac 360i in Action

Another Secret…The rinse has properties to help continue the cleaning process, while leaving your carpet Negative Residue Free!

Making Everything Better I go back over each room again with vacuum only sucking up excess water and MORE dirt!

Which One Looks Better – 4 Vacuum Heads and 4 Water Jets or ONE??? The Answer…4!!

Don’t Worry..If you carpet has been rinsed with soap (Many large Franchise companies do this) it usually can be reversed!

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