Oriental Rug Cleaning Portland

Are Your Rugs Full of It
Dirt, Pet Urine, & Who Knows?

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Has your wool rug had a tough life? Can you remember when the rug was bright, beautiful, and soft?

When is the last time you had your area rug cleaned?

Is your rug beginning to look dull and dingy?

Does your rug have heavy pet urine odor smell?

Save Your Rug’s Life!

I know that…Oriental rugs hold a special place in the hearts of their owners. Area rugs wether they are wool Persian Oriental rugs, synthetic olefin rugs, or nylon rugs all hold a special place in the hearts of their owners.

It takes time to find the perfect rug to fit in with the rest of the items in your home.

Has it been years since the rug was last cleaned or maybe it’s never been cleaned at all? The sand & dirt could be destroying the the fibers in your rug.

If it has been more than 3-5 years since your last professional rug cleaning then it’s time to think about having it cleaned. We clean wool area rugs, Karastan Rugs, Oriental Rugs, Persian Rugs, Modern Rugs, Cheap rugs, and more!

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What is Causing That Rug Odor?

There are two main reasons why area rugs stink or smell. The first reason for rug odor is due to pet urine. The other reason area rugs stink is because of the the latex in the backing. Some rugs that are known as ‘Gun Rugs’ have latex in the backing causing an odor.

One Major Reason You Might Have Pet Urine in Your Rug

Did you know…Dogs like to pee on wool rugs.

A funny story… My mom called and said the dogs keep peeing on three of the five rugs she has.
She didn’t understand why the dogs would only pee on three rugs and not the other two.
I told her that the most likely the reason the dogs pee on the three rugs and not the other two is because there is wool in the rugs they are peeing on.

I began to explain how her dogs think. I explained to my mom that her dogs think a lamb has come into their home and marked the the three rugs in question. Now,of course the dogs have not seen a lamb, but they think, “Well, no lamb is coming into my home and going to show me up.” So the dogs start marking the rugs that have the smell of a lamb on them. The rugs in question turned out to be the only rugs with wool in them!

Want to know…More about why pet urine odor removal is difficult to remove: read pet urine odor treatment

Rugs to Watch Out for Odor

Have you searched every inch of your rug with a black light and could not find an ounce of pet urine? Maybe you don’t even have pets so you wonder, “What is causing this rug to smell up my house?”

If your rugs has an odor and it is not due to pet urine then it is usually because you have a gun rug. Gun rugs are very easy to spot.

With a gun rug you cannot see the front pattern from the backside because there is cloth covering the back of the rug. In between the cloth and the back of the rug is latex that is sprayed with…Guess what? Latex! Now can you see why these rugs are called gun rugs?

Usually, the odor from gun rugs is caused by several reasons, including: bad latex, improper application of the latex, and other reasons. For all practical purposes and cost there is nothing that can be done to correct the odor.

Note: not all gun rugs will smell. Also note that there are other reasons why rugs can smell, but pet urine and bad latex are the two most common reasons for rugs to smell.

CAUTION: What I Have Learned

I have seen people put guns rugs over carpets and have disastrous results.

Here is how the story usually goes…You want to put a beautiful new area rug on top of the carpet in an area of your home.

Ok, but please make sure the rug does not have latex in the backing. Latex releases a gas called BHT that can over-time naturally causes irreparable damage to the carpet turning it yellow.

For example, the latex back on new shower mats is white and turns yellow over time. The BHT gas sometimes can also turn vinyl floors yellow also.

Rug Cleaning Services

Proper rug cleaning ranges from hand cleaning to full submersion cleaning.

Most rugs need to be cleaned offsite. I pick up the rugs and return with-in 7-10 days.
Some synthetic rugs can be cleaned in home.

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