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Upholstery Cleaning Is Not Carpet

One MicroFiber Cushion Cleaned

One MicroFiber Cushion Cleaned

Professional Upholstery Cleaners know that it requires special education and tools, that are different than what is needed for general carpet cleaning, to properly clean upholstery.

Most types of upholstery have delicate fabric that will be damaged by regular carpet cleaning methods.

Also, some types of upholstered furniture has manufacturer labels with ‘S’ for Solvent clean, aka “Dry Cleaning Only”

Cotton Sofa Cushion

Cotton Sofa Cushion

The carpet cleaner you hire should verify the type of fabric your upholstery is made of to determine the proper cleaning method. Then the fabric should be tested to make sure it will be safe to clean and that it will not shrink from cleaning.

We have specialized training on how to clean furniture and upholstery while protecting delicate fabrics. YES…We can even clean most sofas that recommend “Dry Cleaning Only”.

Protect Your Investment

Hiring a Portland carpet cleaner with training in upholstery cleaning provides you with peace of mind when having your delicate upholstered furniture cleaned.

P.S. A trained upholstery cleaner can often wet clean upholstery that is recommends “Dry Cleaning Only”!

We have taken the time to earn specialized training and certification from the IICRC in Upholstery cleaning.

We have the latest and most advanced upholstery cleaning tools available.

The Dri-Master Upholstery Tool

This amazing tool shears away the dirt without over wetting the fabric.

While cleaning, we can see the dirt being removed through the plastic window.

We know the fabric is clean when the water turns from brown to white.

Upholstery Cleaning Process

6-Step Cleaning Process:

1. Pre-Inspection

We carefully inspect the upholstery to determine the type of fabric
and proper cleaning method required.

2. Preparation

Take apart all the cushions and sofa pieces, so every inch can be cleaned.

3. Cleaning & Extraction

I spray the sofa with proper cleaning solution and brush in with a special brush. Then extract the dirt from the fabric with a fiber rinse to reset the pH value of the fabric back to neutral, like new!

4. Special Spotting

I use special fabric safe spots removers to remove extra oily stains or stubborn dirt.

5. Fabric Protector (sold separately)

We apply Dupont Stainmaster Fabric Protector and brush into the fabric. Dupont Info

6. Drying

Stack cushions up for proper drying. Cushions usually dry within 4-6 hours. Homeowners are recommended to flip cushions every couple hours.

Pet Urine Treatment in Upholstery

Extracting Pee from Cushions

Often, pet urine can treated in upholstery.

My Cleaning includes a 200% Money Back Guarantee!* There is No Risk in choosing any of the cleaning packages below. Just choose the one that provides you with the Best Value.

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