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How to Remove Cat Urine from an Oriental Rug

Posted on April 24, 14

A stain or spot on an oriental rug is a catastrophic and heartbreaking experience for the owner. The discovery of cat urine odor in...

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How to get furniture indentations out of carpet

Posted on December 26, 13

Around the holidays I often get calls for carpet cleaning. I know this is no surprise to most people, but one of the main...

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Houseboat Carpet Cleaning

Posted on June 03, 13

Being on the water is a thrilling experience, but imagine living on the water in a houseboat or on a floating home. The trick...

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Cleaning Your Wool Rug

Posted on May 23, 13

With the return to hardwood floors many people have also purchased beautiful wool area rugs. I have a customer who traveled to the Four...

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Best Carpet Trends 2013

Posted on May 23, 13

Well 2013 is all around us. I always enjoy this time of year especially the prediction shows and articles. For as long as man...

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Top Ten Carpet Stains

Posted on April 25, 13

Where did the top ten lists of carpet stains come from? I would guess that David Letterman popularized top ten lists as much as...

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Fix Bleach Spots & Stains on Nylon Carpet

Posted on March 22, 13

I walked into a home. Their carpet took my breath away but not in a good way. I do carpet cleaning in Portland, Oregon....

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Carpet Cleaning Specials - Scams

Posted on February 20, 13

You just sat down to watch your favorite show when the phone rings. After pleasantries the caller gets down to business. “Mr. Smith, I’m...

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Cleaning Pet Urine from a Jute Rug

Posted on February 02, 13

I provide carpet cleaning in Portland and sometimes I get interesting calls for cleaning. A customer called the other day that just acquired a new dog...

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Tree Sap Removal from Carpet

Posted on January 24, 13

Black Friday just went down. I noticed blue lights on a house the other day. The feel-good stories have started airing on the news....

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