Melted Popsicle on Carpet

Carpet Spot Removal Guide

Oops…Someone dropped a popsicle on the carpet. Or maybe a glass of wine spilled…Now what?

The obvious key to keeping spots from becoming stains is to remove the spill as soon as possible.

Caution: Natural fibers such as cotton can turn brown if exposed to excess amounts of water or the incorrect cleaning solution. Be careful  with many of the store spot removers as some of these can actually damage the carpet or trun an otherwise easy to remove spill into a permanent stain.

TIP: As professional carpet cleaners we do not have one cleaning solution to fix all stains like those offered in stores. We use different solutions for pet urine, red wine, coffee, and others. There is Not One Spot Remover to Fix Everything!

One of the best places to find the up to date carpet stain removal is at the Carpet Rug Institute, aka CRI…So click here for tips on How to Remove Spots.

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