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Listen to What other Carpet Cleaners DREAD You’ll Hear!


Best Carpet Cleaning Ever! – May 4, 2009

“8 years ago, I moved to the Portland area from Whidbey Island Washington, where I worked as a certified carpet cleaner. Not long after moving here, I was convinced I would never find a company that used the same quality methods that the premier company I worked for used. I tried several companies using everything from a national steamer company and dry foam, to carbonated cleaning and “Eco Friendly” cleaning and NEVER found the quality I knew was attainable.
Even those who used similar methods I was familiar with, fell short because they cut essential corners. They cleaned but didn’t follow with the proper rinsing of the carpet, which is absolutely critical. Sean’s Carpet Care was the first who spent the right amount of time, used the same quality equipment and solutions I know work, and gave the required effort and time it took to clean my carpets the best way possible. Sean’s Carpet Care has EARNED my repeat business and will be my carpet cleaner of choice from now on. The cost was very reasonable, and quoted up front. Even though it was nearly twice as much as the previous company I used, the quality was 4 times better. That previous company took about 1.5 hours to clean my carpet, Sean took his time and paid special attention to the problem areas… In my mind that is half price, since I only need to have Sean clean my carpets twice a year instead of 4 times a year, with superior quality.
Simply put, If I still had the equipment at my disposal, I could do no better myself!”

Jim Lynam – Hillsboro, OR

Sean Fixed My Attempt At Pet Urine Treatment – March 1, 2011

“To eliminate our pet urine odor problem, I tried several “do it yourself” treatments, and had another carpet cleaner who claims to specialize in this treatment come and service our home. None of these methods worked. Sean came – thoroughly assessed our situation, educated us on the issue and the necessary treatment,and provided a free estimate with several options for service. To prepare for our service,Sean went above & beyond by offering to pickup the new carpet padding that we agreed to have installed during the process. Sean provided thorough treatment including replacing the carpet padding, sealing the floor, “killing” the bacteria and cleaning the carpet. During the service, Sean took his time and was very thorough and detailed, he protected my wood trim, and even replaced a piece of carpet that was too compromised to be treated and repaired properly. The odor is now gone!…Sean was extremely helpful, informative, and professional.
He took a great deal of pride in his work, and was willing to return more than once to ensure our satisfaction.
I would definitely use Sean again (although I hope we don’t have that problem again!) and would recommend him without hesitation.”

Brian G. – Tualatin, OR

Carpet Cleaning With Care – December 01, 2011 (Angie’s List)

Sean was on time, reviewed the work to be done; wrote out a cost estimate with options. I gave the go ahead and he began the cleaning process. He protected the hardwood floors that needed to be crossed in order to get to the carpeting. He also protected the corners where hoses were placed. Work was completed in a timely manner. When the
work was finished, he reviewed the work and gave directions for when the carpet was dry. Everything was cleaned up and put back in order before he left.

Lois S. – Camas, WA

Carpet Cleaning Repeat – November 16, 2010 (Angie’s List)

“He was very efficient and professional. They do a good, thorough job. They are very up to date on the handling of specific types of stains. I have used them about 3 times.”

Sarah A. – Vancouver, WA

Honestly, Buy New Carpet – October 4, 2010 (Angie’s List)

“We were in the process of buying a home whose owner allowed her three cats to use each and every room as their litterbox. The place was disgusting. I called Sean as he is clearly the “odor removing guru” in the Portland area.

After speaking to him on the phone several times (which he answered each time) and peppering him with questions, I had him come out to go over what could be done about the stains and odor. He spent a long time showing me the urine stains under blacklight and explaining how he treats each. He was very thorough and answered all of my questions.

I don’t think it’s possible to describe what an honest guy Sean is. We had nearly 3k sq ft of carpet that was saturated with cat urine. It got to a point where Sean advised us that we should look into new flooring. He essentially walked away from a VERY large, lucrative job (this is not a reflection of his pricing; I believe him to be more than fair in that department) because he told us that he couldn’t guarantee he could get out all of the smell – which was the most important issue. When the best around told us that, we listened. (We had others come out to give bids; not one of them told us the same).

Because of Sean’s honesty, we saved ourselves a LOT of money and headache. He will be the first person we call when we need floor care.”

Tyler C. – Ridgefield, WA

Go to Guy For Carpet Cleaning – September 03-2010 (Angie’s List)

“Sean was a dream to work with. We had to re-schedule a couple of times, but Sean took it very gracefully and cheerfully. He was quick to respond whenever I contacted him – either by phone or email.

He is my go-to guy for carpet cleaning from now on!”

Leslie T. – Clackamas, OR

Recommend Sean to Anyone – July 19, 2010 (Angie’s List)

“I found old urine spots from the dog on our carpet -YUCK! I tried cleaning it myself but couldn’t get rid of the smell. I found Sean’s Carpet Care on Angie’s list and tried him because he specifically mentioned he could clean pet urine out of carpet. I had him clean the spots, the main living area, hall, 1 bedroom and my favorite chair.

I am delighted! Sean did a thorough cleaning and stain resistant treatment on each of the areas. The special attention he gave the urine spots has taken it completely out. I have a very sensitive nose, but I can’t detect any odor of urine at all – yippee! Sean took the time to educate me about carpet cleaning. I now know why I couldn’t get the urine smell out myself. I also know how to treat
a fresh urine spot so I won’t have to call Sean back unless it sits there and dries. Sean has been great with customer service – he has followed-up with calls to make sure I was satisfied and I really appreciate that! My favorite chair smells fresh and feels so-o good! I would recommend Sean’s Carpet Care to anyone!”

Andrea H. – Vancouver, WA

Sean Saved Me Thousands – May 29, 2010 (Angie’s List)

“Seans cleaned my entire homes carpet. We were moving in and contemplated replacing it. Thank God I called Sean!

I had a few bids from various carpet cleaners, listened to them all and then enter Sean. He was so knowledgeable, and walked me thru every step of carpet cleaning. I was sold, this is my guy. Wow was I right. Sean cleaned the carpet and the results were awesome. Saved me thousands in new carpeting. Sean got out stains I thought were permanent! I highly recommend Sean to anyone considering having their carpet cleaned.”

Albert M. – Battleground, WA

The Carpet Actually Gets Cleaning – April 26, 2010 (Angie’s List)

“He vacuumed and cleaned the carpets, doing a really nice job. It’s a
one-person operation. He is really thorough and clean. He has good equipment. The carpet actually gets clean.”

Sarah A. – Vancouver, WA

Professional, Invested, Great Job! – January 04, 2010 (Angie’s List)

“Sean did a great job -delivered exactly what he said he would, seems very invested in his job and skills and was professional. We are hiring him again!”

Olaf H. – Vancouver, WA

Exceptional – August 08, 2009

(Merchant Circle)

“I contacted Sean after receiving a flyer he was distributing in the
neighborhood. I check his website and references and Angie’s List, then called him. He was still in the neighborhood, so he came by that day and gave me a quote. He explained exactly how he worked, the type of machines he used and what to expect. We scheduled the cleaning. Sean arrive exactly on time, actually, a few minutes early. He again explained what he would be doing and asked if I had any questions or concerns. He began with vacuuming each room thoroughly, then began the cleaning process, and then the protection process. He even used a
crevice tool to clean along the baseboards. After the process, he ‘raked’ the pile and set up a fan to help the drying process. Sean was extremely professional and did excellent work. Sean worked for over five hours on my carpet. I have never had any company do such thorough work.”

Christine Cole – Clackamas, OR

WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!! – Jun 30, 2009 drgonzales

Sean cleaned my carpets today and I am soooo happy! He did such an amazing job – ALL the right steps that it takes to ensure a thorough cleaning. I know now that what I thought was clean in the past was inferior as those cleanings took all of about 1 hour. Sean was efficient and hard working and took the time to make my carpets look great. Worth every penny:)!!

Theresa Gonzales – West Linn, OR

Excellent, Professional, Friendly, Thorough… – Jul 18, 2009

After calling several carpet cleaning companies, I chose Sean for several reasons: 1. He clearly was an expert in the science of carpet cleaning, and was able to really talk about what was going on in the process. He taught me quite a lot about the various approaches, especially in regard to pet odors (which was my particular issue). 2. He genuinely cares about his customers, and I could tell just from talking with him for a couple of minutes. He listened to all the
details about my situation, and was energetic and enthusiastic about getting the problem fixed. 3. He is Honest!!! He did not make promises he could not keep!
When I described the pet odor problem and the condition of my carpet (older, quite stained, and in a rental house I only recently moved into) he said that he was very confident that he could get out the odor, but he could not under the particular circumstances guarantee anything. This was immensely valuable to me because it meant that he both trusted in his skill, and yet also knew the real limitations of the process. Most of all, it showed that he respected me as a person. When he came to clean the carpets, he was very friendly and thorough,
and explained what he was doing every step of the way. He worked with precision, attention, and enthusiasm, and answered all my questions. On a sidenote, he was also a very interesting person and we chatted about all sorts of things while he worked. He cleaned not only the pet stain, but the entire bedroom. What’s more, he was able to lift out wine stains, rust stains, and stains from unknown causes out of the carpet that I was sure were probably permanent damage. I was amazed.
And finally, a couple of days later I noticed that while 98% of the pet odor was gone, there was one small patch that still had a smell to it. I called him up, and he graciously came and did another thorough cleaning on that one spot, with the same friendliness, enthusiasm, and care–Free of Charge! I highly recommend Sean’s carpet cleaning service! Thanks Sean!

Nico Nico – Portland, OR

Very satisfied customer, excellent service – May 9, 2009

I have had Sean clean my carpet in the past and he did an excellent job. When I needed my sofa cleaned I did not hesitate to call him again. Sean is very professional and the quaility of his work is wonderful. He is friendly and very informative about the process he uses for cleaning. His service and quality is second to none. I will continue to recommend him to my friends and clients.

Jill Speciale – Portland, OR

Great service fair price – Apr 27, 2009

I received Sean’s flyer at my door last week. I called Sean and set up a meeting in which he inspected my carpets and couch. Sean set up the cost for the total project. Though my home is only 3 years old and the carpets were in pretty good shape, I was extremely please with the result. Seans cleaning system was very effective, though it takes a little longer than the standard wand method most carpet car specialist use. The result brought our carpets back to looking new. Sean works very hard and truly is looking for a lifetime customer. He
certainly earned my trust. Sincerely, Curt Powelson

Curt Powelson – Happy Valley, OR

Unbelievable attention to detail – Jan 16, 2009

I have met few professionals as passionate about their business as Sean. He takes his service very seriously and will happily €œeducate€ his clients in every detail they are willing to hear.  Yes, carpet cleaning and pet odor removal science is quite fascinating!  Sean’s Carpet Cleaning Service is detailed, timely and exceeded our expectations.

WDV – Lake Oswego, OR

Unbelievable attention to detail – Jan 16, 2009

“The last time I hired a carpet cleaning service, I ended up in court because they had rushed over the job and cashed their check at a payday advance place.
So I was extra-careful in finding this one. Sean’s carpet cleaning is amazing. He was here for several hours. I’ve never used a carpet cleaner who spent so much time working on the job. I really didn’t expect some of the pet stains to come up – and was blown away – everything looks new again. I also asked him to clean the tile grout in the kitchen, which I thought was also a lost cause. It’s looks new as well. His professionalism was more on-par with the kind of service
you get at El Gaucho or Mortons than what you think of with carpet cleaning services. He explained the investment he makes in high-end equipment and continuing education – it shows in the end result. The carpets look and smell great. Do yourself a favor and call him. Really outstanding company”

Patrick Sheehan – Clackamas, OR

“He arrived right on time and did a great job with my carpets and
couches. My only gripe was he ended up charging me more than I was quoted over the phone because he had only guessed at the amount of carpet I had. So I recommend an in person quote but otherwise, I definitely recommend him and will use him again next time!!”

K. Wells – Tigard, OR

“He did a great job! Our carpets and furniture are so clean!”

Jenny W. – Happy Valley, OR

“Outstanding job. Cleaned all our carpets (2200 sq. ft). Sean was careful, thorough, and meticulous. His attitude was very positive and friendly. We’ll hire him when the carpets need cleaning again. Sean, thanks for a great job. You’re a credit to ServiceMagic too! ”

Alf B. – Happy Valley, OR

“Sean, was thorough in his explanation regarding the cleaning method and products that he was going to use on the furniture. He demonstrated how the equipment is used and offered suggestions and recommendations for future work.
Sean is pleasant and conscientious of his work. I look forward to using his services in the future. ”

Michala S. – Lake Oswego, OR

“Very professional, quick to respond, price competitive, and pet friendly. I would highly recommend this company for carpet cleaning.”

Portland, OR

“Sean was right on time, well-prepared, explained what he was doing and why, charged a fair price and performed excellent service. Thanks!”

Dave T. – Portland, OR

“Sean did a great job! He was on time and has awesome sense of customer
service. I strongly recommend if you need carpet cleaning in Portland area.”


Brad W. – Portland, OR

“He did a very good job for me. I would recommend him to anyone.”

James F. – Portland, OR

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