A Question…Which Requires the Most Time Cleaning or Rinsing?

Have you ever noticed that the wash cycle on your washing machine only lasts for few minutes and that the rest of the time is devoted to rinsing?

Actually, the washing machine only has one wash cycle and several rinse cycles to get the clothes clean.

Your carpet is no different and needs a thorough rising to be truly clean!

My Cleaner

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To provide your carpet with a Thorough Rinsing I use the Rotovac 360 Hot Water Extraction machine. This machine provides 250 extraction passes per minute over the carpet.

The three vacuum slots and three water jets provide a Thorough Flushing of the carpet.

Each of the vacuum slots separates and lifts the fibers.

This is the secret to restoring flat matted, worn out, looking
carpets to like new condition.

The machine has a built in clear tube that shows the water coming out
of the carpet.

“When the water turns from brown to white then I know the carpet is clean!” 

Using this machine takes longer than most of my new clients are use to, but it is the only way to provide the Most Thorough Cleaning, EVER!

Their Cleaner

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Most carpet cleaners use a manual wand that requires back breaking
effort to effectively clean.

With a wand, each area only receives one or two passes, leaving soil
and water in the carpet. This tool does not effectively rinse the carpet and does nothing to fix the flat and matted carpets.

The work required to use a wand causes the cleaner to tire and decreases the cleaners ability to offer the same service each and every time.

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