You’ll Get the Most Thorough Deep Down Carpet Cleaning on The Planet…Guaranteed!

And Why Shouldn’t You?

Before and After Results

Before and After Results

Walking with bare feet across clean carpet is a wonderful feeling. Carpet adds warmth, style, and character to a home. You want to take the best care of your investment.

Every step of my cleaning process is designed to get your carpet exceptionally clean.

My carpet cleaning process follows and then exceeds most carpet manufacturers cleaning recommendations.

Extreme Carpet Cleaning

Is it time for your carpet to experience a deep thorough cleaning second to none?

My cleaning process starts with a ‘Carpet Audit’ that examines the cleaning process required to clean ‘Your Carpet’.

Below I offer Three Carpet Cleaning Packages to provide my clients with the option to choose the Best Value for their needs.


Each carpet cleaning package includes the 6 step process below. Other cleaning options Help the carpet last longer and/or stay clean longer, offer Furniture Moving, and Pet Urine Removal.

Often Skipped – The 6-Steps Most Important Cleaning Steps

Each step below meets or exceeds carpet manufacturers recommendations for carpet cleaning.

Pre-Vacuum A commercial grade vacuum removes the deep down loose soil first.

Pre-spray A mild Pet & Child Friendly detergent is sprayed into the carpet to loosen and suspend the soil.

Dirty Nylon Carpet Saved

Dirty Nylon Carpet Saved

Carpet Rinsing  The carpet is rinsed using a Rotovac 360i (Safe for all carpets). The 360i combines 230 degree water and the rinsing power of 4 vacuum heads and 4 water jets seperating and lifting the carpet fibers 250 times per minute. When the water in the tube turns from brown to white I know the carpet is clean.

Important! The rinse water is mixed with a neutralizing rinse that keeps the carpet from being left sticky & crunchy. Cleaners that rinse carpet with SOAP leave the carpet sticky and crunchy. Don’t let this happen to you!


The Bottom – 4 Vacuum Heads & 4 Water Jets Provided Deep Cleaning


Extra Drying An extra ‘Dry Pass’ is made over the carpet to pull out excess dirt and water. These 4 Vacuum heads work to pull pout as much excess water as possible.



Cleaning the edges around the baseboard with a crevice tool

Baseboard Edge Cleaning

Crevice and Edge Cleaning is done by hand with a water/vacuum powered crevice tool. This tools gets into all the edges, in-between doors, and other areas that may never have been cleaned before!




Drying of the carpet is performed by a large air mover. This air-mover follows me around during the cleaning process to speed dry the carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Packages

Each carpet cleaning package includes the Thorough Deep Cleaning Process below:

  • PRE-VACUUM to remove deep down dry soil.
  • MOVE MOST LIGHT FURNITURE pieces in main living areas
  • PRE-SPRAY the carpet with a Child & Pet Safe cleaning solution to loosen heavy soil.
  • CLEAN & RINSE the carpet using a Rotovac 360i – The Rotovac combines 230 degree Hot Water & Deep Flushing action of 4 vacuum heads and 4 water jets that make 250 passes over the carpet per minute. 
  • RINSE the carpet with a special Fiber Rinse that keeps the carpet from being left sticky and crunchy.
  • POST-SPOTTING for all difficult stains. (Coffee, food, oil/grease, spills, traffic soil)
  • BASE BOARD EDGE CLEANING by hand with a vacuum & water powered crevice tool. This tool gets into areas that may have never been cleaned before.
  • FINAL GROOMING to restore carpet pile.
  • DRYING using a powerful fan to help speed dry the carpet.
  • PROTECT CARPET & FURNITURE putting blocks and tabs keep furniture off of wet carpet until dry.

The differences in the cleaning packages below range from providing a Free Spot Removal Warranty and a Half Price Cleaning Option, applying Scotchgard™, or just Extreme Deep Cleaning.

Each Package includes a 200% Money Back Guarantee! There is No Risk in choosing any of the cleaning packages below. Just choose the one that provides you with the Best Value.

THE “Kid Proof EXTREME” PACKAGE (Extreme Value)
For homes that need a 6-month Spot Removal Warranty


THE “Kid Proof” PACKAGE (Best Value)
For homes with heavy traffic or new carpet.


THE “Deep Cleaning” PACKAGE  (Great Value)
A great cleaning at a budget price.



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