The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning, or It’s Free!

Before and After Results

Before and After Results

Walking barefoot across clean carpet that is soap free is a great feeling. Carpet really makes a home feel…well…like home. You want to take the best care of your home and your investment in the carpet. There is something about freshly cleaned carpet adding peace of mind, clearing about the filter of the home and adding positive energy to the house.

I love cleaning carpet and meeting new clients. Every step in my carpet cleaning process is designed to get your carpet exceptionally clean leaving zero soapy residue carpets.

My cleaning process follows and then exceeds most carpet manufacturers cleaning recommendations.

A Small Local Business

I Personally Perform every step in my cleaning process for the cleanest carpet possible. I continue to study and keep up on the latest in carpet cleaning technology to provide the cleanest carpets possible. I started this business from scratch in 2008. Now, it’s the 14th year and I still clean for people from the first year. I am very fortunate to have met so many great people. mThe goal is to beat the stains leaving your home as clean as possible. My goal is the be the carpet cleaner you Want to Call Back!

The 5 Most Important Cleaning Steps,

Other Cleaners Often Skip

  • APPLY PRE-SPRAY Skipping this important step leaves most of the soil in the carpet. The discount cleaners and large companies usually don’t Pre-Spray the carpet with soap. These companies usually use a wand that cleans and rinses with soap. The soap is usually only on the carpet for a second and then sucked up. Part of a proper cleaning process is to spray soap before cleaning, hence the term “pre-spray”, and let it sit for a few minutes. The soap sitting on the carpet breaks down the dirt in the carpet and floats it to the top. I use Child and Pet Friendly detergent that breaks down the water tension, loosens up the soil, floats it to top, and allows for a better cleaning.
  • PROPER CARPET RINSING Probably the most important step in carpet cleaning. The truth…Many companies rinse carpet with soap and very little water, which leaves excess dirt and a sticky soil attracting residue. On top of that these companies clean 800-1,000 square feet of carpet per hour (the average house has 850 sf of carpet). I use a Rotovac with a Fiber Rinse that continues to remove soil, neutralizes the pre-spray, and conditions your carpet.
  • EXTRA DRY PASSES Often only one fast pass is made over the carpet leaving excess water and soil in the carpet. I use the Rotovac to go over every inch of the carpet with just vacuum running to remove excess soil.
  • EDGE CLEANING Not cleaning along the edges and in-between the door hinges. Note: This doesn’t usually fix the black lines.
  • SPEED DRYING Using a large Air Mover to speed dry each room. Fast drying carpet stops stain wicking from happening.

Extreme Carpet Cleaning Steps

⇒Proper Carpet Rinsing – Rotovac 360i (Safe for all carpets). The 360i combines 230 degree water and the rinsing power of 4 vacuum heads and 4 water jets seperating and lifting the carpet fibers 250 times per minute. When the water in the tube turns from brown to white I know the carpet is clean.

⇒Important! Non-Sticky Carpets – The rinse water is mixed with a neutralizing rinse that keeps the carpet from being left sticky & crunchy. Often, Other Carpet Cleaners rinse carpet with SOAP leaving the carpet sticky and crunchy. Don’t let this happen to you!


The Bottom – 4 Vacuum Heads & 4 Water Jets Provided Deep Cleaning

⇒Extra Water Removal – An extra ‘Dry Pass’ is made over the carpet to pull out excess dirt and water. These 4 Vacuum heads work to pull out as much excess water as possible. The carpet is cleaned with the Rotovac then gone over again with just vacuum to pull out more water and dirt!

Cleaning the edges around the baseboard with a crevice tool

Baseboard Edge Cleaning

⇒Edge Cleaning – A water/vacuum powered crevice hand tool cleans the edges. This tools gets into all the edges, in-between doors, and other areas that may never have been cleaned before!

⇒Speed Drying – A large air mover follows me around during the cleaning moving 10,000 cubic foot of air per minute to help speed dry the carpet. carpet-cleaning-fan

My Carpet Cleaning Process

  • PRE-INSPECTION determining the best cleaning solution and problem areas.
  • MOVE MOST LIGHT FURNITURE pieces in main living areas
  • PRE-SPRAY the carpet with a Child & Pet Safe cleaning solution to loosen heavy soil.
  • CLEAN & RINSE the carpet using a Rotovac 360i – The Rotovac combines 230 degree Hot Water & Deep Flushing action of 4 vacuum heads and 4 water jets that make 250 passes over the carpet per minute.
  • RINSE the carpet with a special Fiber Rinse that keeps the carpet from being left sticky and crunchy.
  • EXTRA DRY PASSES I go back over the carpet with the Rotovac only running vacuum to remove excess soil and water.
  • POST-SPOTTING for all difficult stains. (Coffee, food, oil/grease, spills, traffic soil)
  • BASE BOARD EDGE CLEANING by hand with a vacuum & water powered crevice tool. This tool gets into areas that may have never been cleaned before.
  • APPLY CARPET PROTECTOR (if purchased – highly recommended)
  • FINAL GROOMING to restore carpet pile (depending on the type of carpet)
  • DRYING using a powerful fan to help speed dry the carpet.
  • PROTECT CARPET & FURNITURE putting blocks and tabs keep furniture off of wet carpet until dry.

Meet the Wand – the Other Guys Cleaner

Portland carpet cleaning bad cleaning method, carpet steam cleaning method, repeat spots and stains

This is the “Wand” that most carpet cleaners use. It is included with the purchase of a machine. This is a tool that requires manual back breaking effort to effectively clean. Now, wands usually come with plastic glides that help them slide along the carpet.

If this tool is used correctly it does an ok job. Often, the wand only provides one or two cleaning passes on each area, leaving soil and water in the carpet. This tool does not effectively rinse the carpet and does nothing to fix the flat and matted carpets.

The work required to use a wand causes the cleaner to tire and decreases the cleaners ability to offer the same service each and every time.

The Worst Part: The wand is often used improperly to clean around 800-1000 square feet of carpet per hour. Most homes have an average of about 850 square feet of carpet. So basically they clean an entire home in about 1 hour!

Cleaning at that rapid pace leaves soil, residues, and excess water in the carpet.

Wait…it Gets Worse…This tool is often used in one step to clean the carpet. The method taught to clean carpet is to pre-spray soap on the carpet to break down the soil and then rinse with a Fiber Rinse to neutralize the soap. Often, detergent is what is used to clean and rinse the carpet all in one step! See the front of the wand is a slot that has vacuum (it sits on the carpet) and there are jets on the back that shoot out water. So the detergent is sprayed right out the back on the carpet and then the suction comes a second later and sucks up the soap. So you pull the trigger on your right hand and pull the tool backwards. The soap is sprayed and immediately vacuumed up. The soap only has a second on the carpet to do anything. Honestly, not that great.

Which cleaner do you think is better?

One Thing My Repeat Clients Know!

It may ACTUALLY cost more to hire an ‘Estimate Beater’ Carpet Cleaner. The truth… For most consumes there are two different price quotes available. You need to ask wether the price quote includes Removing the Spots or Just Spray Water on the carpet & call it “Professionally Cleaned.” Often, over the phone price quotes sound like a great deal…But what happens when they show up? You guessed it…The price often doubles or triples. You find out that the ‘Phone Price’ does not include spot removal. Have been charged extra to use ‘Soap’ and/or ‘Deep Clean’ and charged for ‘Every Spot’ on the carpet? Then find out that both of these extras Blow the ‘Phone Deal’ out of the water?

My Cleaning includes a 200% Money Back Guarantee!* There is No Risk in choosing any of the cleaning packages below. Just choose the one that provides you with the Best Value.

To learn more and receive an over the phone price quote – Call 503-922-4875 or 360-901-8686