A stain or spot on an oriental rug is a catastrophic and heartbreaking experience for the owner. The discovery of cat urine odor in an oriental rug leads to frustration and a panic search for how to remove cat urine from an oriental rug.

Yes, there are many ‘Do It Yourself’ internet options for pet urine treatment, but the truth is that most are bad and just about every one of them is horrible for wool!

Pee in synthetic rugs or synthetic wall to wall carpet is generally not difficult to remove for a professional carpet cleaner, with the correct pet urine treatment procedure. The process to treat pet urine in synthetic fibers is colorfast and safe for the fibers.

karastan rug urine

Karastan Rug with Bad Cat Urine

Wool’s Weakness

Wool is second to none and is regarded as the finest of the fibers. The problem with wool is that it’s very susceptible to staining and damage from improper cleaning and spills. Unfortunately, wool is not as stain resistant as microfiber. When it comes to pee dog urine in oriental rugs is bad, but the higher pH of cat urine is far worse and both often leave permanent stains.  Most over the counter cleaners have a higher pH than is recommended for wool and causes damage to the wool. Another type of cleaner that is bad for most carpet and not to mention wool is cleaners with the word “oxy” in their name. Cleaners with the word “oxy” in their name means that they are using hydrogen peroxide, which can bleach synthetic carpet and most certainly damage wool! WARNING: Also do not use enzyme cleaners on wool, because wool is a cellulosic fiber and will be dissolved by the enzymes. Many types of stains that can be removed from synthetic carpet are permanent in wool.

The Odor Problem of Pet Urine and Why People Fail

The problem with pet urine, in all types of fibers, and the main reason why people fail at “Do it Yourself” pet urine removal is due to the chemistry of pet urine. When pet urine is wet it’s an acid at this point. More on this in a moment. Then when the pet urine dries it becomes an alkaline salt. The salt becomes food for bacteria.

Ok, so now back to the acid alkaline part. The basic theory of cleaning: A stronger alkaline neutralizes a weaker acid. A stronger acid neutralizes a weaker alkaline. Note: Whenever you clean anything remember the above description and you will be more successful. So, if pet urine is an acid when wet then you want to put a detergent (alkaline) on the pee (acid) to neutralize it. If the pee is dry (dry pee=alkaline) then you would use an acid to neutralize the pee.

So if you clean any type of dog pee or cat pee that has dried then you are only aggravating the salt, which will release ammonia and smell worse! If you don’t remove the urine salts then the problem still exists!

Pet urine can be fixed in most oriental rugs and carpet. Trust me, I have been very successful at removing cat urine from oriental rugs in Portland. If you had bad pet urine in your beautiful oriental rug then please take to an experienced professional.

I hope this information has been helpful…Thanks…Sean