Well 2013 is all around us. I always enjoy this time of year especially the prediction shows and articles. For as long as man has trounced upon the earth we have wanted to know the future. What dire things could happen? Will the earth grind to an end? Will the economy recover? Will I get a job? Is there romance in my future? People want to know these things. Businesses, retailers, and the stock market depend on these prognosticators. Whole businesses and websites cater to those of us wanting to know the future.

I provide carpet cleaning in Portland. My industry like any other wants to know what to expect in the future. Today, I thought it would be fun to get out our carpeting crystal ball. What are the carpeting trends for 2013? All through 2000 carpeting took a backseat to hardwood, tile, and laminate flooring. The soothsayers predict a change in all that but not in ways that you might think. They predict that carpeting will come back but in different ways than the past.

Through the year flooring has swung from hard surfaces to wall-to-wall carpeting and back again. The experts predict a different swing this time. They predict a limited, decorative use of carpet in 2013 homes. More and more people have chosen small areas of well-placed carpeting over wall-to-wall. In addition, they have chosen bolder, more colorful, more textured, and more creative uses of carpet. People are going for contrast not uniformity.

In 2013 you might see a dark hardwood floor with a royal purple carpet diamond in the middle of the room. The carpet may have unique, themed textures that catch the idea and the breath. Future tellers predict that muted paint on walls will draw attention to the flooring. The trend toward natural light on your floor art will continue through this next year. Also the trend toward eco friendly carpeting continues to increase.

What does this all mean to you the homeowner and to me the professional carpet cleaner? The days of throwing down a wall-to-wall have come to an end. It takes more creativity than that. It may even require professional help. You have to be careful out there. You don’t want the carpet to knock you out when you walk in the room. Homeowners in 2013 will have to balance beauty, practicality, and longevity of carpet and hard surface flooring. You don’t want something, like a bad party, that you will regret in a year. You also want a carpet that can be cleaned and look good for the long term.

Advances in the carpet industry allow you more freedom and flexibility than ever before. What did Spiderman say, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Use your freedom wisely. Consult not only the retail carpet person but your professional carpet cleaner. They can give you much practical advice from years of experience. You can find several sites talking about carpeting trends for 2013. This is just one I picked that covered the many areas to consider.

Hope this information is helpful. Until next time….Sean!