I have written a number of posts about ways to find an honest and qualified professional carpet cleaner. Today I would like to tell you about Ethical Services – Carpet Cleaning. In short, they are a referral service geared specifically for the carpet cleaning industry. Similar to Angie’s list they give you a starting point for finding a reputable carpet cleaner. Angie’s list works on a system of reviews submitted by consumers.

Unlike Angie’s list, Ethical Services has a way to police its members. Let me explain how it works. A company who wants a listing in ethical services has to sign a Ethical Services code of membership.

The code has nine basic tenets. Here’s a copy from their site.

Ethical Services “Member Code Of Ethics”



_____ I will perform my services in accordance with the laws of the city and state that I operate in.

_____ I will protect Client interests by providing valuable consumer information they need in making wise service decisions.

_____ I will perform my services according to accepted industry cleaning standards

_____ I will not misrepresent services to a Client and insist that additional services must be purchased for an extra cost once a firm quote has already been presented and accepted by both parties.

_____ I will not utilize “Bait-and Switch” business practices of advertising low-price offers that I have no intention of honoring.

_____ I will not exercise commission-only hiring practices which compels employees to exercise unethical hard sell tactics solely for the purpose of creating a livable wage for themselves at the expense of Clients’ true service needs.

_____ I will not misrepresent facts about warranties or quality of service.

_____ I will strongly guarantee my work.

_____ I will be ethical and honest in all of my business and professional relationships.

Company members pay a fee for a listing on Ethical Services. To use Ethical Services you get Online and type in your zip code. Up pops a few companies in your area. You hire one. And let’s say the guy does a lousy job or is total unethical in his business practices. You try to work it out with the company but get no where, and so you contact Ethical Services.

Ethical services has a statement in their code of ethics which says, “If found by Ethical Services™ to have knowingly violated this Code of Ethics I will risk expulsion from Ethical Services™. Documented complaints that are not resolved in a professional manner will be posted on this site as an informational resource for Consumers.”

Ethical Services has more power than just a negative review from a customer. They can actually expel a member for violations of the code. I provide Carpet Cleaning in Portland and am a member of Ethical Services and really like it. It holds me to a standard that I believe my customers deserve, raises the bar in my profession, and gives my customer peace of mind and an avenue for real action. This service provides standards for carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning, pet urine removal, rug cleaning, stain removal, tile & grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and others.

Hope this information is helpful. Until next time…..Sean!