There is an important factor other than the type of carpet fiber when selecting the best carpet for your home. Color is an important factor when choosing carpet for your home.

Every industry has its fads including the home decorating and carpet industry. I ran across an interesting article, Choosing the Right Carpet Colors for Your Home, that talked about fads in carpeting. The article points out that carpet color runs two to four years behind the color trends in fashion. If you look at the colors in woman’s fashion today, you can predict the popular carpet colors to come in three years from now. Right now we see that home decor has gone to warm colors like beige, light brown, or light blues. The articles calls them environmental colors.

Fad is okay, I guess; although, I want to be one of those old guys wearing a suite with tennis shoes when I grow up. People sometimes get sucked into fad even when that fad doesn’t make sense in their home. I provide carpet cleaning in Portland and see examples of this all the time.

It just doesn’t make sense to have light carpet in your entryway. It may not make sense to have the latest fad carpet with your dark-haired dog or cat. You have to get beyond fad to practical. What makes sense for your house, your family, and your situation? Certainly you need to consider more than color when selecting carpeting for your home.

Of course, I look at things from a cleaning perspective. Will this color of carpet show stains? Will it wear well? Will it stand up to traffic? I’m not saying that you have to live in the 50’s. You can combine present styles with performance and practicality if you plan and shop carefully.

Certainly, new stain resistant carpets have made life easier for the homeowner. Today we have a wider selection of tough, stain-resistant carpets that will work in a variety of situations. You may indeed get away with a environmental color in a high traffic area. However, you need to do your homework. It may cost more to get the colors and styles you want in a carpet that will last for that application.

The article mentions a number of factors to consider besides color. Consider traffic, pets, kids, sunlight, moisture, proximity to food and food stains, expense, and your particular likes. Maybe outside the home you have to keep up with the Jones, but inside where you live you should have things the way you like them. Just because the rest of the world has gone a certain way doesn’t mean that you have to follow. Carpet stores today have about any style, color, and type of carpet you could ever want. Don’t limit yourself.

If you have decided to go through the expense of redecorating, maybe it would serve you well to get some expert advice and not just from an interior decorator. Consider talking to the professional that cleans your carpet. They can tell you which carpet stand up to stains and wear better. They can also tell you which clean easier and look nicer after cleaning.

Hope this information is helpful. Until next time…Sean!