With carpet cleaning and other service providers it seems that often the service providers chase the clients. Well sometimes it’s the other way around.

A funny story about my sister’s missing carpet cleaner. The other day my sister told me a funny story about how much she loves her carpet cleaner. She loves the carpet cleaning service so much that when the carpet cleaner got hurt and had to take some time off she called to check and see how he was doing. Every few months she calls him to see how he’s doing. She calls just to say, “Hi, how’s it going? Whenever you feel better I would be ready for you to clean the carpet in the house.”  Actually, it is really funny to hear how she explains the calls with her personality. The carpet cleaner is shocked at how often she keeps in touch with him to see if he will be available soon.

With services providers it is often hit and miss. Sometimes you get a great carpet cleaner, contractor, or other service provider and then the next time you rue the day you can’t find the name of the last company. Then you try another service provider and he/she is worse than the last one. Maybe you even try again and still fail!

For my sister, she tried several times to find the best carpet cleaner. She called several companies and most didn’t want to show up. They told her that there service charge was too much for the small amount of carpet she has. She pleaded with the companies offering to pay them their minimum just to do the stairs, hall, and a very small living room. Most companies still didn’t even want to show up. With my business providing carpet cleaning in Portland I would show up. Hey, sometimes I only clean a set of stairs and thats great! My sister’s goal is to get quality carpet cleaning from a reputable company.

She has tried several companies. One company came out and did a dry chemical cleaning. When the cleaning was all over she was amazed at how much dirt was left in the carpet. She ran her home carpet cleaner over the carpet and was amazed at how much dirt was coming out of the carpet. Then she tried another carpet cleaner and he did an ok job, but rushed through the job and left her carpets soaking wet.

Hopefully she can find a great carpet cleaner soon. As I tell many people if you find a great service provider buy them lunch or provide them with free coffee or something to make sure you don’t lose them. Yes, the client is king, but when you find someone you can trust to provide a great service each and every time make sure you don’t lose them.

I hope this information was helpful and maybe funny….thank you….Sean