People are fed up with unscrupuous companies and bad service providers. Everyone has seen the guarantees companies offer for their services. Everyone has tried the budget deals just to try a service. How often has the guarantee worked out in your favor or how often was the just “Try our service deal” really worth your time and effort?

There’s a secret that companies with super guarantees and great deals know that i’m going to share with you. The secret is…companies know that it’s very unlikely that you will ever take them up on their guarantee! Companies also know that there super deals are not real deals and are designed to lure you into buying more.

After years of  bad service from contractors, restaurants, products, auto dealers, mechanics, dentists, painters, and others is causing people  to look for help with figuring out who to hire. Since the invent of the internet there are now more review websites than you can count. Have you noticed the amount of commercials on tv from review websites that are trying to “help you” find a reliable service provider?

How Review Websites Work

Review websites are NOT all the same. Some of the reviews websites charge their customers to gain access to business recommendations from the other members. A Secret…The service companies also have to pay the review website to get their business moved to the top of the list! Another (Big) secret…Some review websites charge service companies to promote the listing to the front of their index and HIDE their BAD reviews. Guess What?…The companies that don’t pay for listing get their bad reviews pushed to the top and the good reviews pushed DOWN!!!

Who Do You Trust?

Another big, but maybe obvious secret, is that some companies write their own positive reviews for themselves and bad ones for their competitors. I provide Carpet Cleaning in Portland, so I understand the value of of reviews. My goal is to provide the best service possible for my clients. Often, if I am not able to provide specific service I advised them them on who to see, sometimes even a competitor.

Aside from the services I provide, I also want to help you find the best service providers in other fields. It is annoying to hear about bad service provided from a contractor or company, even though it doesn’t involve my business.

Today, I was reading an article on, Five Ways To Spot A Fake Online Review, Restaurant Or Otherwise. This was a great article because  it explains what to look for to determine a fake review. There is so much detail in a real review. As a Carpet Cleaner in Portland I understand the importance of reviews. This article really helps you make an informed decision on who to hire or where to eat for that matter.

Here are the the tips they recommend:

  1. Compare reviews not only within a site, but across different websites.
  2. Reviews by people who are verified by the site are more trustworthy than reviews by anonymous reviewers — especially when it comes to negative reviews.
  3. Read reviews less for whether they give a hotel or a restaurant one star or five stars, but more for the specific information they give about the experience.
  4. Reviews are very useful for information that experts or merchants might not think to provide — how late a swimming pool stays open could be useful if you are traveling with a family.
  5. Focus on aggregates, not outliers. You can’t trust a handful of bad reviews or glowing reviews, but trends are much harder to fake.
I hope this information helps you make an informed decision…Until next time…Sean