Rain started today and now we are shutting the windows and running for cover. Mom made the kids pick up their toys out of the front yard. Umbrellas came out of the closet as kids headed out the door for the bus. Fall usually comes to Oregon with a vengeance. The little bit of color we had on the trees now lays in mushy, brown piles in the gutter. Water backs up at the storm drain nearly drowning out the cars trying to ford the rising stream. Fall has come to Oregon. I sigh. Even though busy, I enjoyed the summer. Spring and summer are my busiest time of year as a carpet cleaning in Portland.

I have always wondered why more people don’t get their carpet cleaned in the fall. Think about it. With the backyard barbeque, entertaining guests, and having the kids home we practically live outside. Wait a minute. That isn’t exactly true. We do spend a good deal of our time outside, but it’s really more in and out than just out. Have you ever tracked how many times your kids come in and out during a day crating stains?

With the doors and windows open, dust and pollen drift into our house on the warm summer breeze. Unfortunately, it doesn’t drift back out again. It settles on our furniture, drapes, and window screens. It sifts into our heating ducts waiting to blow out that first night we turn up the thermostat

During the summer we put hundreds of dirty miles on our carpet. We track in dirt, fertilizer, insecticides, oil and grease. So what sense does it make to have your carpet cleaned in the spring or early summer? We get to enjoy a clean carpet for a couple months, and then find ourselves right back where we started. When fall comes we close the doors and proceed to live in our contaminated, summer dirt all winter long.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to clean the house in the fall and enjoy it all winter long? In the old days one might have worried about cleaning your carpet in the cool, fall months. With better extraction machines, heaters, and fans the professional has little problem getting your carpet dried quickly. It also makes good business sense to have carpet cleaning done in the fall.  Carpet professionals have more time on their hands in the fall and winter months. You will have less problem getting them scheduled, and you might even get a better rate.

I understand the almost biological motivation behind spring cleaning, but I want you to reconsider—to fight biology. Think outside the box. Start a new trend. This year consider fall house cleaning. Before you shut up the house, you should wash the screens, clean out the air ducts, wash down the walls, dust the top of the refrigerator, wipe down shelves, clean the entryway mats, dust light fixtures, thoroughly vacuum everything, and schedule a deep cleaning for your carpet.

For your new tradition I have linked to a fall house cleaning checklist. Print it out. Assign everyone a chore. And enjoy a clean house all winter long.

Hope this information is helpful. Until next time….Sean!