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A Very Handy Carpet Spot and Stain Removal Tool | Sean's Carpet Care, LLC

A Very Handy Carpet Spot and Stain Removal Tool

Have you ever bought an appliance, and then wondered why you waited so long to get it? Tools can make all the difference. They can make impossible jobs possible and difficult jobs easy. I am a professional carpet cleaner in Portland, Oregon and I have learned to appreciate tools. I keep up with the best carpet cleaning tools and carpet cleaning chemistry to allow me to give my customers the highest level of service.

Of course, tools help the homeowner too. Today I wanted to talk about a little used tool that has some real benefits in the home. You may own one.  Many people have one of these in their garage. Okay, I won’t play any more twenty questions. I’m talking about a wet vacuum. Most of us have a dry vacuum in the house. The wet vacuum often sits outside. Many people use them around the shop or to vacuum out the car. The wet side of wet vacuum often gets little use.

A glass of grape juice spills on the floor. We head for the rags or the mop. On carpet a rag can spread a stain inward, outward, and downward. A mop often leaves liquid sitting on the grout of a tile and grout floor.  Liquids can flow into cracks, under molding, and through flooring material. The rag or mop often misses these little places. The liquid stays behind to stain, mold, or even stink.

The wet vacuum can help alleviate problems associated with rags and mops. Some of you may not have ever had the opportunity to use a wet vacuum. Of course, a home carpet cleaning machine is a form of a wet vacuum.  They just combined a sprayer with a wet vacuum.  I like the portability of a wet vacuum.  You can get them in different sizes with a variety of attachments.  For spills you don’t need anything super big.  I think every home should have a small wet vacuum inside the house just for spills. They work very, very well and save time.

Some of my readers may not have ever used a stand-alone wet vacuum. I found a link that explains how the wet/dry vacuum works spots and stains.  Most wet vacuums consist of a bucket with a vacuum motor on the top.  When you open up the lid, you will find a cylinder covered with a filter that can stand up to liquids. That protects the motor from incoming dirt and liquid. On the side of the bucket you will usually see a little plastic shield. The air enters the bucket there. The liquids hit the shield and fall into the bucket below.

Many wet vacuums have a way to use them as a dry vacuum. You have to put a paper or cloth filter over the cylinder inside. The paper filter keeps finer dust out of the motor. You have to remember to remove the paper filter when you switch to liquid vacuuming.  It proves difficult switching from wet to dry. I found it better and easier to have one vacuum for dry and another for wet.  If you shop around, you can pick up a wet vacuum at a very reasonable price. I encourage you to get one for you spill cleaning kit.

Hope this information is helpful. Until next time….Sean!

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