Everyday, I provide pet urine odor removal as part of my business providing Carpet Cleaning in Portland. I have never met anyone who is happy about having pet urine odor or pet diarrhea on their carpet. I understand that pet urine odor removal can be difficult at best. The truth…Many professional carpet cleaners have trouble removing pet urine odor from carpet. When comparing pet urine odor removal to pet diarrhea removal from carpet the diarrhea is much easier.

The are many reasons as to why pet urine is difficult to remove from carpet. Besides the problem with pet urine removal is trying to stop dogs from peeing on the carpet. First, it is a good idea to have a professional experienced carpet cleaner remove the pet urine odor. It is important to hire a carpet cleaner that can flush out the carpet pad. The majority of the trouble making urine is in the carpet pad. Click the video below to see what needs to be removed:

Pet Urine Removal Portland

Stop Dog Diarrhea

If you have a dog that has issues with diarrhea then it is important to stop them from having accidents on the carpet. Removing diarrhea from carpet is fairly simple. Really, you need to remove the solid waste with a towel. Then you need to blot up the rest of the diarrhea with a wet towel.

Now, that you have the diarrhea treated and removed from the carpet you need to help the dog. Different species of dogs can have specific issues with diarrhea. German Shepherds are dogs that can have issues with diarrhea. A good article that explains how a proper diet for your dog can stop diarrhea: Dealing with Loose Stools in German Shepherds

While the article above focuses on German Shepherds it also does an excellent job shedding light on the connection between diet and diarrhea in dogs.

Hope this information is helpful! Thanks….Sean