Have you ever wondered why your Do it Yourself pet urine odor removal secrets have failed? Have you had a hard time trying to remove pet urine odor from your carpets? Often, many people think that carpet cleaning will fix the pet urine odor in the carpet. If you look around on the web or in pet stores you’ll find an abundant supply of pet urine odor removal secrets. I am a professional carpet cleaner providing Carpet Cleaning in Portland. The truth…I rarely see these products work on removing pet urine. The problem is that most products only treat the surface of the pet urine. When someone calls to ask about carpet cleaning I always ask, “Is the carpet or is there pet urine?” I know that once water is added to pet urine the pet urine odor will return immediately and carpet cleaning alone will not fix the urine odor. See the video and watch what is in the pad of the carpet and what needs to be removed.

Now you can see what your up against. The truth is that the pet urine in this is an extreme example of pet urine in carpet, but it happens to be this color every so often. There is always pet urine in the pad  and unless it is treated then the pet urine is still there.

Before spending too much money on Do It Yourself Pet Urine treatment it may be better to hire a professional experienced with pet urine odor removal. I provide Pet Urine Odor Removal in Portland

Hope this information is helpful…..Until next time….Thank you…..Sean!