The Best Oriental Area Throw Rugs Maintenance, Cleaning, Tips, & Pads

Do you have a hardwood, tile, or laminate floor in the house?  Floors take a real abuse. Think about it. You grind your full weight into it with a quick turn of the heel. You stop, start, and slide. A little bit of grit completes the picture. It’s like having sandpaper with two hundred pounds, well maybe only a 100 pounds in your case, of pressure bearing down on your once shiny floor. In a short amount of time your shiny new finish can dull. Given enough time, you can do some real damage.

Oriental Area Throw rugs can save your floors. They trap the dirt before it hits your floor, providing  a protective barrier in the highest traffic areas of your house. Besides, throw rugs add beauty, personal touch, and warmth to a room. With proper cleaning, maintenance tips, and using the best rug pad it will last a long time.

Have you ever thought why they call them throw rugs? I suppose it’s because you can just throw them anywhere. Or it could be because if you’re not careful they will throw you. Getting thrown onto your floor makes for good slapstick comedy but potential serious injury.

It seems we have a friend and a villian in the same little rug. On the one hand the lowly throw rug saves your floor, and on the the other it breaks your arm or worse. Of course, most things in life have that potential of good or harm. This post is about taming the throw rug. What can we do to make it safe? People have tried many different solution to the unruly throw rug. In the past homeowner employed double-sided tape. It will help keep a throw rug from creeping. However, it is messy, and it will lose its grip over time. I wouldn’t count on it when you come rushing in with a bag full of groceries.

The carpet industry came up with their own taming ideas. They applied latex to the back of throw rugs. Latex does help with the slipping problem. However, latex has some nasty habits. I provide rug leaning in Portland, Oregon so I have seen some of the effects latex backed rugs can have on floors and carpets. As it ages it yellows and can release a foul smell. If the rug is laying over carpet or linoleum it can turn them yellow. You saved your floor only to have the throw rug turn it yellow. You can still buy throw rugs without latex on the back.

For my customers I recommend that they elevate the position of the lowly throw rug. Give the throw rug a pad. A pad accomplishes many things. Most people think of padding as the thing which makes your carpet soft and comfy. Rug padding has several purposes besides making your carpet cushy. A rug pad increases air flow under your throw rug for better vacuuming. The pad extends the life of your throw rug by absorbing the punishment given by your feet. They minimize uneven surfaces underneath the throw rug thus prevent wear on high spots.

Natural rubber padding is among the best carpet padding you can buy. In fact, it can run into quite a bit of money for an entire room. One could afford to splurge a little on a throw rug, however. The natural rubber provides excellent slip resistance. I have linked to an article which provides the best rug pad buying guide for your given floor and throw rug. You need to buy the proper padding of the proper thickness to prevent damage to your rug and floor.

Hope this information is helpful. Until next time…Sean.

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