Carpet Cleaning – For the Health

Often the only time to clean the carpets is when the carpet looks dirty. Really, carpet cleaning is not just about the look and actually about good health. Yes, it can be annoying and sometimes embarrassing to look at the dirty carpet. Isn’t it amazing to look at the dirt build up and wonder, “How did all of that soil get there?” Even if you take your shoes off the carpet still seems to get dirty.

This Is Amazing

Whenever one my my clients happends to see the color of the water coming out of the carpet, especially carpet that looks clean to the eye can be shocking. Then if my clinets go one step farther and happen to sneek a peek at the inline cleaning filter they are often amazed at what has been removed from the carpet.

Yes, regular carpet cleaning maintenance is best performed by regular vacuuming and many clients are great at taking care of their indoor environments. Even with regular vacuuming and removing shoes before entering the home it can be disturbing to still see the soil, hair, sand, and much more than is removed with professional carpet cleaning.

Wether you have hardwood floors or carpet and no matter what you do to take care of your indoor environment soil will always enter the home. You see there is always a layer of air that travels throught the home. This air runs around the edges of the walls, up the stairs, and under door ways. The air that travels throughout the home carriers with it soil from outside and oily soot from filtration air.

filtration removal

Dark Filtration Line












One of the toughest things about filtration soil is that it gets stuck on the stairs and under door ways of doors that are not often opened. Filtration soil is also more prevalent in second story homes. Have you seen this type of soil? Look around the walls, especially upstairs. Do you see the dark lines around the walls? Now check under door ways of mostly closed doors. See the dark soil?

So you have vacuumed regualrly and taken your shoes off everytime before you walked in the house. So the obvious question is, “How did this soil get here?”

How Did The Soil Get In?

The homes that are built today are air tight. Every time a door leading outside is openned it is as if your home is exhaling. Well, what happens after everytime we exhail? Right, we inhail. Everytime an exterior door is openned your home exhails and inhails particulate soil, bacteria, etc. into your home. The good news…If you have carpet installed in your home it will filter and store the contaminents from outside until cleaning.

The Key…Cleaning!

The key to taking the best care of your indoor environment is to clean the carpet once in awhile. Usually it is recommended to clean your carpet every 6-18 months. It is best to clean your carpet at least once per year. Clean out the filter in the home and you will breathe better.

With cleaning you need to decide which type of carpet cleaning method is best for you.

Carpet Cleaning Starts Here

When trying to decide where to start with carpet cleaning it is best to start by reading your warranty. To maintain your carpet warranty carpet manufacturers recommend cleaning intervals and the method of carpet cleaning required.

In addition to carpet cleaning tips in this article the Sierra Club has a great article on Carpet Cleaning for Looks and Health.

Some useful tips for maintaining carpet are:

  • Use doormats. As much as two thirds of the dust and dirt in our homes is tracked in on our feet. Make sure you have doormats inside and outside your doors, ideally long enough to come in contact with your shoes for several footsteps. Vacuum the mats frequently.
  • Shoes off, please! Taking your shoes off as you enter your home is even more effective than doormats at keeping dirt out. Make shoe removal convenient by putting a bench or chair near the door.
  • Cover it up. Small mats or rugs on top of the carpet in heavily trafficked areas reduce wear and tear, extending the life of the carpet.
  • Clean up spills immediately. To prevent ground in dirt and stains, vacuum dry spills right away and blot (don’t rub) wet spills with an absorbent cloth.
  • Vacuum frequently. Frequent vacuuming, especially in high-traffic areas, keeps surface dirt from working its way deeper into the carpet fibers, where it can be harder to remove. Always vacuum before a deep cleaning for maximum effectiveness.

Checkout their great article listed above. Now that you see how the soil gets into your home you can now see how to take the best care of your indoor environment.

Hope this information is helpful…Until next time…I will be out carpet cleaning for awhile…Sean Mecham…Professional carpet cleaner providing carpet cleaning in Portland, OR



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