How I Fixed My Page After The Farmer Update

I was shocked from the Google Slap. Like many folks on the web my small business website disappeared. I searched and couldn’t find my webpage in the Google search results anywhere. I searched and searched to figure out what happened to my website for Carpet Cleaning in Portland. Then I found out that Google had another change to their algorithm called the Farmer update.

I was like…”I’m not a farmer i’m a carpet cleaner!”

My phone went quiet and work slowed down. I had to postpone my trip to Hawaii. Damm!

I am not some scammer…I am just a small time carpet cleaner trying to survive.

The truth…I never did any intentional farming or bought any links. I always tried to write original content and get legitimate links.


How I Goofed and Was Seen As A Farmer

I wanted to move farther up page one with my website. I thought the best way to do this was to update my on-page SEO. It worked and I quickly started climbing up page one. My Places listing climbed up and up the page also. I was getting tons of traffic via phone calls and work. Very Cool, Right? Hey, let’s go to Hawaii!!

We’ll shortly it all ended!

What Happened, I Now Know

Honestly, I made duplicates of my original pages and renamed them without changing the content or internal links. The only thing I changed on the duplicate pages was some of the on-page SEO, i.e. tittles, h1 tags, etc.. I left the original pages on my server to keep their rank until the newly re-named better SEO’d pages found their own ranking. Mistake!!! About a week or two later Google launched their Farmer update and my index page disappeared.

I now know that my page never disappeared, but it was sent out to some other universe. Ok, what really happened is when a user typed in Google keywords that my site was optimized for Google would basically hide my website from the search results. The page was still there, but invisible to searchers. If I typed my domain name directly into Google the page was there, but again not in the search results.

My Previous Page Click See Current Page

The page above (only images) is the one that got hit by Google’s Farmer update. The problem is the internal links. Again, this page was duplicated several times with the SAME links. Having the same links made me appear to be a farmer.

My Page is Back on Google!!!!

My index webpage is finally appearing in the google search results. Click here to see the changes I made

Notice the links I wanted to keep at the top of the page, as part of “My mission” statement, point at the original pages with different anchor text. I removed the links in the middle and the bottom of the page, for now.

Keys to Getting Re-Indexed

1. Remove Duplicate Content Pages with Internal Linking

2. Remove the links Google Doesn’t Approve

My page is currently at the top of Page 3 on Google for the number one keyword in my business. Now it’s time to build some more links.

I almost re-built an entire new website to get over this problem.

Thank fully I am back! Hope this info helps someone else…Aloha…Sean

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