Upholstery is not Carpet! Ok, this piece if information may seem obvious and it kinda it, except upholstery should not be cleaned the same as carpet. Upholstery cleaning requires special tools and special equipment to properly and safely.

Using the same cleaning solutions on upholstery can be disasterous. Often, upholstery is made from blended fabrics that are delicate and contain natural fibers. Carpet on the other hand is usually made of only one type of fiber and the cleaning process is straight forward once the carpet cleaner knows the particular fiber it is made from.

There is a lot of information on Do it Yourself Upholstery Cleaning. There is some great information out there, but please be careful in which information you trust. In my Portland upholstery cleaning business I have seen many ruined pieces of upholstery due to improper cleaning. Usually, improper cleaning has been performed by homeowners. The link for Do it Yourself Upholstery cleaning is one way to clean upholstery, but please be careful making sure it is suitable for your fabric. If you have any questions, please give me a call…Sean