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Carpet Cleaning Portland

Are you FED UP with Your ‘Dirty Carpets’?

  Sean Mecham, Owner

Is your carpet looking DIRTY, FLAT, & Worn? Did The Other guys’ try to Clean Your Carpets? Was the carpet left Soaking Wet for days?

Did All the Spots immediately Return? A week later you could Still Smell Pee? After did your carpet feel Sticky & Crunchy? Did the whole experience seem like a WASTE of Your time & Money?

Are you confused by the Non-Soap Residue Free Carpet Cleaning method? Which Method is Best??? What is Carpet Cleaning?

Not Some Large Company

I Personally Perform and Oversee (my trained and professional part-time assistant) every service for the best Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Area Rug Cleaning, and Pet Odor Removal in Portland.

The goal is to beat the stains leaving your home as clean as possible. My hope is to be the carpet cleaner you Want to Call Back!

Don’t Just Read Reviews…Read Guide to Hiring a Carpet Cleaner

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There are some great carpet cleaning companies in Portland, but the Trick is knowing how to find them. Ask the Right Questions to find the Best Carpet Cleaner in Portland. Everyday, new clients tell me the decision to hire the previous carpet cleaner was based on the answer to the question, How much Do You Charge?” Of Course, you want value for your money and time. Everyone has a budget. Ask the Right Question…Can You Fix the issues with my carpet? This may sound like like an obvious question, but you need to make sure the carpet cleaner you hire has the training, dedication, and process to Actually Get Your Carpets Clean as possible. Is your carpet cleaner Upfront and Honest with Expectations, Pricing, and a Cleaning Process that leaves your carpet Better in the Long Run.

One Thing My Repeat Clients Know about My Carpet Cleaning Service!

It may ACTUALLY cost more to hire an ‘Estimate Beater’ Carpet Cleaner. The truth… For most consumes there are two different price quotes available. You need to ask wether the price quote includes Removing the Spots or Just Spray Water on the carpet & call it “Professionally Cleaned.” Often, over the phone price quotes sound like a great deal…But what happens when they show up? You guessed it…The price often doubles or triples. You find out that the ‘Phone Price’ does not include spot removal. Have been charged extra to use ‘Soap’ and/or ‘Deep Clean’ and charged for ‘Every Spot’ on the carpet? Then find out that both of these extras Blow the ‘Phone Deal’ out of the water!

Dont’ Gamble Hiring a Carpet Cleaner in Portland

Kind Words

“I cannot say enough good things about Sean’s Carpet Care!  We had hired a different carpet guy (who had mostly 4 and 5 star reviews) to come clean our disgusting carpets — we have 4 cats, so you can imagine what our carpets are like.  The Other Guy did possibly the worst job I’ve ever seen — pee stains and smells were still there after he finished, the carpets were left crunchy, there were other random stains still visible and the carpet looked absolutely no better.

So: Sean to the rescue.  He is not inexpensive…but his service is worth it.  He thoroughly examined the carpet with a blacklight to see where the worst of the cat pee stains and odors were, did extensive pre-treating, and spent quite a long time thoroughly cleaning the carpet.  He was careful about protecting our furniture, and took great care to dry the carpet as much as possible after the cleaning.

Best of all, he offered to return if any spots/stains/odors returned after the carpet was dry.  There was indeed a yucky ring of schmutz that wicked (wick’d?) up as the carpet was drying, and also some cat pee stain and odor that wasn’t quite eradicated the first time, and he did indeed return to take care of those areas.

He’s also very personable and was conscientious about wearing a mask while he was in the house.  I will absolutely call him next time we need carpet cleaning.

-Matthew I. Beaverton, OR


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